About Families' Child Advocacy Network


Who are we?

We are a network of community-based family support partners.

Who are we really?

We are individuals, parents and/or care-givers who have had to navigate the various systems of care. Because of our experiences, we have committed ourselves to helping advocate and support families going through similar challenges.

Some of the things we do:


Create meaningful dialog between all system of care providers dealing with the child's emotional and/or behavioral needs. 

Support and empower families to be full partners in the evaluation and service planning process for their children.

Promote culturally and geographically appropriate services for youth and families.
Assist families in getting prompt access to the services that they need.

Foster understanding and acceptance of mental health and behavioral issues within families and the community through education, public awareness, and outreach.


Help to reduce stigma by building respect in the community for all families struggling with mental health concerns.


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