The Wraparound Process @ Families' Child Advocacy Network

An integral part of Erie County Children's System of Care, the Wraparound Process is based on the idea that services should be tailored to meet the individual needs of families.  You may also know it as SPOA, Wrap, FVN, or Care Coordination. 

The Wraparound Process is a team approach that improves the lives of children and families who have complex emotional, behavioral, and/or social needs. The Wraparound Process has been shown to prevent and reduce the length of stay that children spend in residential care.

Child and family teams work together and families become more successful at achieving independence in their own homes and communities.

Families' Child Advocacy Network hosts Orientation to the Wraparound Process several times during the month to introduce parents to the terms and processes used so that they can be stronger partners in their children's care. 

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